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Mushroom Coffee: The New “No-Jitters” Alternative

Mushroom-infused coffee is the newest trend sweeping the caffeine craving community.

cup of coffee

Coffee culture never stops evolving. From nitro brews, butter coffee, and alcohol-infused espresso beans; it can be hard to keep up with the all specialty coffees that have hit the market in recent years. The latest trend to come on the scene is mushroom coffee.

The new brew is made by simply adding a mushroom extract powder to your regular cup of coffee; but, these are not just any old mushrooms. Medical powerhouses such as chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and reishi are the most common species transformed. As a powder, the health benefits of these mushrooms become highly concentrated. And if you’re worries about the taste, don’t be; it’s said the fungi’s natural “earthy” essence actually enhances the coffee’s flavor.

So what can mushroom coffee do for you? Well, each species has different benefits:

  • Detox with chaga: helps fight free radicals for a well-balanced immune system
  • Wake up with lion’s mane:  stimulates nerve growth for better focus and concentration
  • Get active with cordyceps: improves oxygen absorption to give you a big energy boost
  • Mellow out with reishi: triggers the release of hormones that can ease your mind and help you sleep

While no official studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of these drinks, the benefits of mushrooms aren’t unfounded. Mushrooms have been used in Eastern holistic medicine practices for centuries and were even used as a coffee alternative during World War II. Recent research shows that they are teeming with antioxidants that can help protect our bodies from dangerous free radicals and fend off chronic degenerative diseases that come with age.  Not only that, there is evidence these mushrooms have the potential to help manage neurodegenerative diseases and be used for cancer prevention and therapeutics

However, it’s important to note that some of these medical mushrooms can have a negative impact on those with an autoimmune disease. Health professionals recommended that you check with your doctor before taking any medical mushroom supplements so as not to interfere with medications or overstimulate immune cells.  Incorporating common culinary mushrooms into your diet can build similar effects without the health risks.

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